Organic oranges of Sicily!


M'amì oranges are the fruits of a family passion and techniques handed down through generations.

The Abate family has been growing oranges for four generations, maintaining the trees with attention to product quality and care for customers’ health.
The sun and the volcanic soil of East-Sicily do the rest!

M'amì oranges are shipped all over Europe, particularly in Germany and France.
Be you a retailer or a gourmet, you can contact us: we will do our best to help you!

Amelia & Alfio Abate

Our Oranges


Stars of Sicily, the half-blood Tarocco oranges come to maturity in January and February.


The excellent Moro blood oranges come to maturity in February.


The round and juicy blondes Valencia oranges follow in April.

Our Farm

Impresa Agricola Alfio Abate
Via Preside Michele Abate, 4
96014 - Floridia

The six-hectare farm is located in the village of Floridia in the surroundings of Syracuse, about 50 kilometers south of Mount Etna.

3200 orange trees benefit from constant sunshine during hot dry summers, and cool winters.

Our Commitment

We care about health.

Our farm is certified organic; plants are 100% free from chemicals.

Healthy and untreated, the orange is edible from the pulp to the peel, and suitable for all uses: eating fresh, juice, liqueur, cake, marmalade, etc.
M'amì oranges are simply healthy and delicious. There's nothing to throw away!

Mamì is certified organic
Mamì is certified organic

We care about taste.

  • Tarocco
  • Moro
  • Valencia

Our harvest period streches from January to May.

Yet, harvest always waits until the oranges have reached their maturity. This is the secret of their excellent taste!

We care about quality.

Hand-picked after complete maturation, oranges are snipped with caution to prevent scratches during transport.

Oranges are sorted into two categories, selected by size, and hand packed in our boxes.

As part of the quality process, damaged and spongy fruits are always left aside.


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